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First Look at Cadence

by Dr. Rishi Todani & Dr. Ashis Kumar Mal

After you successfully execute the commands mentioned in the “Launching Cadence” page, you might see a Virtuoso Splash screen then the “Command Interface Window”  (CIW) will open. It looks like shown below.


We can issue several commands in CIW, glimpses of which may be covered in subsequent pages.

Now we choose Tools > Library Manager. This opens up the library manager window which lists all the libraries configured with cadence. Here we can make new library, manage already existing ones and also create cell views ( like schematic, symbol or layout). The library manager looks like shown below.

The library manger window shows the libraries that are known during this Cadence session. The library manager reads its information from the file cds.lib in your working directory.

Creating a new library

To create a new library in which you will create your design, click on File -> New -> Library in the Library Manager window. Next, type the name of the new library that you will create after the field Name: demo, and click on OK. After that, select Attach to an existing techfile and click on OK. Set Technology Library to UMC180 and again click on OK. The name of the new library will now be present in the Library Manager window.

Creating a new cellview

After the library is created, go to the library manager window, choose the created library, then File > New > Cellview. This opens up a dialogue box as shown below.

This opens up the Virtuoso schematic editor where you can draw your schematic and proceed with the simulation. The schematic editor is as shown below