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Cadence IC5141 Installation

by Dr. Rishi Todani & Dr. Ashis Kumar Mal

Troubleshooting / Errors Installing Cadence IC5141 in RHEL 5.2

Attempting to install IC5141 in RHEL 5.2, Produced two errors during the process. However both these problems were solved as stated below

1. Determining available disk space
sort: open failed: +2: No such file or directory
Solution :
This problem is easily solved by sending following commands in tcsh ( not in bash)
setenv _POSIX2_VERSION 199209

2. Proceeding with configuration of lfvhdComp
LF_INST_DIR (/home/icer/icfb_5141/tools/leapfrog) does not appear to point at a Leapfrog installation
Please check value and re-install
configuration of lfvhdComp failed

Solution :
you should see if the “tools” symbolic link (which points to IC5141/tools.lnx86) has been created or not. If not, you should create it before configuring the installed products using the following shell command.

ln -s tools.lnx86/ tools

Without this step, the Leapfrog Analyzer installation and lfvhdComp configuration would fail.