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Cadence Documentations (cdsdoc)

by Dr. Rishi Todani & Dr. Ashis Kumar Mal

Obtaining Cadence Documentation PDFs

If you are using Virtuoso Schematic Editor by Cadence Design Systems and looking for user guides and help documentation, this is the right place. Googling i found out that Cadence Documentation in cdsdoc is available in PDF formats. its only the matter of searching for them in your system.

If using a more recent MMSIM version (e.g. MMSIM62, MMSIM70, MMSIM71) – in fact any stream from the last couple of years – cdsdoc has been replaced by a much simpler, more integrated, help system called cdnshelp. This is a Qt-based UI, with an inbuilt html viewer. It no longer requires a Java interface, a separate search server, or a web browser. As a result, it is much easier to use and a lot more reliable.

All cadence documentation can be found in /cadence installation directory/doc

Build Your Repository

Create a directory where you have write permission, say $HOME/references/cadence/pdfdoc, go to that directory,

  • $> cd $HOME/references/cadence/pdfdoc

and run the following command:

  • $> find $CDS_INST_DIR/doc -name '*.pdf' -exec ln -s {} . ;

This will perform a search through all $CSD_INST_DIR/doc sub-directories and look for pdf files. When one is found, a soft-link is created in pdfdoc that points to that pdf (The {} is replaced with the found pdf) in . (which is $HOME/references/cadence/pdfdoc)

Now you will have a nice collection of documentation available in your $HOME/references/cadence/pdfdoc directory. If your $HOME directory is also avaliable through Samba on a PC, or you have the unix version of Adobe Acrobat reader, documentation reading will be simple.

Searching for PDF documents and adding them to your directory

Make a directory where you have write permission and cd to that directory. Now in terminal run this command

find /cad/cadence/IC51 -iname “*.pdf” -exec cp {} ./ ;

assuming /cad/cadence is the directory where cadence is installed, or simple point to the doc folder in cadence installation directory.

this command will search for all PDF files in /cad/cadence/IC51 folder and copy them to your current directory.

The file names are really a short form to it might take some time to understand them as a glance.
I find the calculator user guide, calc.pdf extremely helpfull.

However, if u have easy read permission to your Cadence installation folder in a unix system, you can easily find all those PDFs and copy them to a location of your choice.